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SOGIE Template Materials

SOGIE = Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity & (Gender) Expression

Here you'll find everything you need to create an inclusive intake form or demographics survey regarding SOGIE (Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity & Expression). Get accurate information, analyze meaningful data, and be a force for positive change.

Note that anatomy is not a part of SOGIE, and generally has little bearing on identity. However, you'll find an affirming template to ask about anatomical information if you have a legitimate need for it.

Be sure to read the Supplementary Guide first!

Supplementary Guide

All the guidance you need, plenty of resources to grow your impact. 

Read this first!

version 1.1

Personal Information (annotated for staff)

All the info needed to document someone's gender and sexual orientation.

version 1.1

Personal Information (clean)

A clean copy for the client/patient/employee/volunteer.

version 1.0

Anatomical Information (annotated for staff)

How to appropriately ask about someone's anatomy if needed.

version 1.1

Anatomical Information (clean)

A clean copy for (most likely) healthcare providers and their patients.

version 1.0

Demographic Questionnaires: Files
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